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Sexual harassment at your job can be incredibly demeaning and make it difficult to get through the day.  Sexual harassment is in fact a violation of your civil rights, and it is unacceptable to have to endure bullying, harassment, or sexual advances that undermine your right to be free from discrimination based on your sex.

If you think you may be facing sexual harassment at work in Pennsylvania, contact our Pennsylvania workplace sexual harassment lawyer today to set up a free legal consultation.  Our attorney can help examine your case and determine the best way to file a claim to seek justice for the harassment you are facing.  To set up your free legal consultation, call The Law Office of Andrew Shubin at (814) 826-3586.

Pennsylvania Sexual Harassment Laws

Both Pennsylvania and the U.S. government have laws against sexual harassment in the workplace that might govern your case and work to protect you.  Employers who fly in the face of these rules and either directly subject their employees to sexual harassment or allow other workers to commit sexual harassment in the workplace can be reported and have claims filed against them.

Under Pennsylvania law, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) handles claims of discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.  You can contact the PHRC to get more information about filing a claim and to report an employer for sex discrimination or sexual harassment at work.

The U.S. government also has strong anti-harassment and anti-discrimination legislation.  Title VII is the primary workplace discrimination law that governs sexual harassment.  Federal workplace harassment and discrimination complaints can be filed with the EEOC – the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

What Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment in PA?

Workplace sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination.  While, in an everyday sense, harassment and discrimination may seem like separate issues, in a legal sense, harassment based on characteristics like sex or race target the victim because of those features and subject them to different treatment because of them.  In this respect, targeting someone for harassment or sexual advances because of their sex is definitively a type of sex discrimination.

Because sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination, sexual harassment is a violation of your civil rights.  As such, you may be entitled to file a claim or a lawsuit to seek compensation for this violation.

There are generally two types of sexual harassment you can face in the workplace:

Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment

Hostile workplace sexual harassment includes derogatory or offensive words or actions that are based on the victim’s sex that are sever or frequent enough to make the victim feel uncomfortable in their workplace.  This can include unwanted advances, derogatory language, inappropriate sexual language, or demeaning words.  It can also include actions, like unwanted touching, peeping, invading personal space, physical intimidation, or even assault or sexual assault.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can also involve pressure to perform sexual acts with someone in exchange for employment opportunities or benefits.  This can also be done in exchange for avoiding difficulties or penalties.  This exchange is called a quid pro quo, and an employer or supervisor who uses their position to try to offer such a quid pro quo or pressure an employee or coworker into a quid pro quo may be guilty of sexual harassment.

Sex and Gender Harassment in the Workplace

Women are victims of sexual harassment in the majority of cases, and those cases are usually perpetrated by men.  However, sexual harassment can be committed against workers of any sex or gender and can be committed by anyone.  Many times, men are less likely to come forward about sexual harassment, especially sexual harassment committed by other men, but our attorneys are willing to pursue any claims of workplace harassment no matter who harmed you or what gender you are.

Sexual harassment in the workplace might be a form of sex discrimination, but this kind of discrimination can also include gender discrimination or harassment based on gender.  This helps protect trans employees and other LGBTQ+ workers in Pennsylvania.

Cases dealing with harassment or bullying based on gender stereotypes have been confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court to be sex discrimination under Title VII.  Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins (1989) is the landmark case on this front, holding that a woman who was accused of acting and dressing in ways that were not “feminine” was able to successfully sue her employer for sexual harassment and discrimination based on the unfair stereotyping.

Sexual Assault in the Workplace

One of the most serious forms of sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace is sexual assault.  This term can be used broadly to cover a broad spectrum of physical touching of a sexual nature, or it can be used to mean rape.  In cases where the company or institution you worked for was responsible for failing to provide adequate security on the premises or failing to fire an employee with a known history of harassing or assaulting other employees, the company might be responsible for the harm you faced.

Damages for Workplace Harassment Lawsuits

If you sue your employer for damages after being subjected to workplace sexual harassment, sexual assault, or sex discrimination, you may be entitled to damages.  These damages can include lost wages from promotions or other benefits you missed out on as well as damages to compensate you for the harm you faced.  Talk to a lawyer about what your case is worth and how to seek damages for your harassment.

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