Fighting For Important Causes In State And Federal Courts

Six Figure Settlement

On behalf of a wife and children of an inmate who committed suicide while in county custody

Seven-Figure Settlement

On behalf of a middle and high school student sexually abused by a teacher

Criminal Charges Dismissed

A Native American client who was prosecuted by local authorities for using an American flag to engage in political protest and successfully sued the police department for violating his First Amendment rights

Full Jury Acquittal

African American business student charged with assaulting a white fraternity member

Full Jury Acquittal

Penn State student charged with sexual assault.  Filed federal civil rights lawsuit against Penn State University alleging a violation of the student’s constitutional rights.

26-Year Sentence Reduction

A federal criminal case by uncovering police and prosecutorial misconduct

Successful Case in Front of the U.S. Supreme Court

Prosecuted a First Amendment prisoner’s rights claim before the U.S. Supreme Court

Successfully Defended

A Penn State graduate student activist on First Amendment grounds against criminal and university disciplinary charges

A Successful Case in Front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Fought against mandatory minimum sentencing in Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Successfully Defended

A journalist on First Amendment grounds when the journalist was criminally prosecuted for photographing a student riot

Criminal Charges Dismissed

Secured dismissal of criminal charges against sixteen activists conducting peaceful protest during a presidential visit