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“I have the utmost confidence and respect for him and I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

I am writing this as a testimonial to Attorney Andrew Shubin.  We hired his firm several years ago to handle our son’s case…Attorney Shubin contacted me and met with me and our son’s father.  He assured us that he would be taking over the case and giving it the necessary attention.

That was a bit of an understatement.  Attorney Shubin went to great lengths and spent countless hours learning the case, obtaining  professional witnesses/mitigation specialists, filing motions and meeting with me and our other character witnesses.

When we went to the actual court hearing, Attorney Shubin was professional and prepared.  He did an outstanding job, better than any of the other attorneys I have hired over the course of this criminal matter.  I have the utmost confidence and respect for him and I would not hesitate to hire him again.  I am forever indebted to Attorney Shubin for his care, concern and attention to our son’s case.

C.H., August, 27, 2022


“…Mr. Shubin created a positive outcome that is life changing for me and I will be forever grateful…”

Having Mr. Andrew Shubin represent me was a pleasant and rewarding experience. The research he did was extremely evident in the briefs as well as in the courtroom. He also assembled experts that were perfectly fit for my legal issues with impeccable credentials that overwhelmed the Commonwealth and left lasting impressions on the judge. The team was fully prepared and often ahead of tactics by the Commonwealth meant to hinder our efforts of achieving a fair and just outcome.

Along with his legal expertise, Mr. Shubin also brought a human side to the table. I was able to relate to him and never felt pressured or overwhelmed when speaking with him. In the same vein, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mr. Shubin’s receptionist, Ms. Erica Kerns, who brought such a personable level of professionalism to her position, always being available to maintain contact, which is woefully lacking at other offices.

My experience with Mr. Shubin created a positive outcome that is life changing for me and I will be forever grateful for all of his efforts on my behalf.

A.C., Sept 12, 2022


“Highly Recommended!”

“My son got himself in some trouble while attending Penn State. Andrew gave my son exceptional personal attention and helped him resolve the matter. His service is exceptional and his fees are fair. He kept mom and dad informed every step of the way. I high recommend Andrew Shubin.”

Anonymous, October 27, 2012



“Amazing attorney!!”


“Andrew Shubin was appointed to me through the Federal Courts when I was 19…The trial took well over a year and it was the scariest thing I had ever gone through. Andrew did everything in his power to make sure that I completely understood everything that was going on in my case. I had several very informative meeting with him and my mind was put to ease knowing that I was in good hands. My best friend (a co-defendant) who paid her family attorney to handle her case paid a lot of money and ended up getting double the prison sentence. I was in a case with over 30 co-defendants facing similar or exact charges and I received the lowest prison sentence out of everyone that was involved in the case. Andrew got one of the counts completely dropped and the other significantly reduced. I was blessed the day I met him and I thank GOD that I was so fortunate to have such a caring and hard working attorney. Words can’t even do justice to how wonderful of a person he is, not just an attorney. Even after my sentencing date I still received a letter from Andrew wishing me luck and asking me to contact him in the future to let him know how I was doing.

I’ve never met a more personable attorney and I would highly recommend him to any and everyone. Someone should consider themselves extremely lucky to have Andrew defending their innocence and their character.”





“Attorney Shubin (is) one of the most able criminal defense counsel who practices before us, and who has a firmly established reputation in the court…”


Honorable John E. Jones, III, United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania



“…compassionate, vigorous and undying perseverance…  displayed commanding knowledge of the facts and law…his skill allowed us to convince [the judge] of the correct verdict.”


T.G.C., Esq., Partner in Michigan law firm



“Attorney Andrew Shubin takes on the kinds of cases that capture the popular imagination, make headlines and force us to face our values and fears.”


Centre Daily Times


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