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Penn State University and most other educational institutions in State College, PA, such as high schools and charter schools, are all required to follow the rules under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act.  These rules prevent sex-based discrimination in all educational institutions that receive federal funding, and they work to help protect students and teachers alike.

If you or a loved one was subjected to sex discrimination in school sports, educational opportunities, discipline, or sexual assault and sexual abuse on campus, contact The Law Office of Andrew Shubin.  Our Penn State and State College Title IX violation attorneys offer free legal consultations to help our clients seek compensation and justice after facing a Title IX violation.  Call us today at (814) 826-3586 to set up a free legal consultation on your potential case.

Examples of Title IX Violations in State College

Title IX is a piece of national legislation enforced by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).  The U.S. Government and the OCR ensure that these rules are followed throughout the country at all educational institutions that receive federal funding, including Penn State College and other schools in State College, PA.  These rules prevent “sex discrimination,” which can include far more than obvious bias against a student or teacher because of their sex.

Outright sex discrimination is one of the most obvious examples of Title IX discrimination, but it is not the most common.  Some institutions have a track record of mistreating students because of their sex or gender, often characterized by limited access for female students and other harsh instances of unequal treatment.

More subtle examples of sex discrimination typically involve reduced opportunities for sports participation, educational opportunities, extracurricular activities, and other opportunities within a school.  This might include a number of options for female students that is disproportionate to the opportunities afforded male students, such as having fewer women’s sports teams at a college.

Sex discrimination can also involve sexual harassment and sexual abuse.  Sexual assault on campus is a huge issue for colleges, and failing to keep female students safe from sexual assault is often a Title IX issue.  Students could also be subject to harassment and assault by teachers, which is patently illegal in many ways, including as a Title IX violation.

Title IX also protects teachers, which means that it protects them from sex discrimination in employment, sexual harassment by superiors or coworkers, and other examples of sex discrimination.

While Title IX is specifically written to protect against discrimination “on the basis of sex,” this is often expanded to include gender discrimination as well.  Schools might argue that Title IX does not include protections against gender discrimination, but most discrimination against trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming students can be linked back to assumptions or expectations about their sex.  These claims should also be handled under Title IX.

Filing a Lawsuit or Complaint for Title IX Violations at Penn State

Penn State is, like most institutions, required to have its own processes in place for reporting and handling Title IX complaints.  This means that there must be a process through which students and faculty can submit their claim and get it noticed by the University.  There are also processes outside the school for filing a complaint with the OCR and the Department of Education as well as processes for filing a lawsuit against the school.  These processes might differ from institution to institution, but high schools and other educational institutions in State College are also required to have their own processes.

When you file a complaint for a Title IX violation, the primary goal is usually to start an investigation and uncover the violations so that they can be stopped and corrected.  This may result in the responsible parties being reprimanded or fired, and it can change the school for the better by instituting new policies.  However, the victim might not always get the help and attention they need when a Title IX complaint is filed.

Title IX lawsuits often help victims of Title IX violations more directly.  Victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse might have more damages they suffered because of the Title IX violation, such as medical bills and pain and suffering.  These harms are not always addressed clearly or justly through a Title IX complaint, and the victim may need to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Our attorneys can help you determine which type of complaint or lawsuit is right for your case and fight to seek justice for you.

Title IX Investigations in State College

When a Title IX complaint is made, the school or the Department of Education will typically initiate an investigation.  This investigation should uncover any Title IX violations or more pervasive sex discrimination, but the investigation may take time.  In some cases, the bureaucratic processes the Department of Education uses does not work to protect students from active discrimination or uncover the institution’s involvement in coverups and other issues.  Because of this, it is always important to have a lawyer in your corner who can advocate for you and your rights and file additional claims and lawsuits to deal with slow or fruitless investigations and issues of retaliation for your Title IX claim.

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If you believe that you or a loved one was the victim of Title IX sex discrimination while attending Penn State or another school in State College, PA, contact The Law Office of Andrew Shubin today.  Our Penn State and State College Title IX violation lawyer works to protect the rights of students, teachers, and professors and fights to get them compensation for instances of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and other Title IX violations.  For a free legal consultation, call us today at (814) 826-3586.


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