Jerry Sandusky case: Lawyers say they’ve found Victim 2, the boy Mike McQueary saw being molested

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Victim 2, the boy who was, until now, known to exist only because Mike McQueary saw him being molested by Jerry Sandusky in a Penn State shower in 2001, has come forward to two State College lawyers.

Both were charged with never reporting what McQueary told them, then lying about it a decade later before the Sandusky grand jury.

Shubin and Andronici were in contact have been working with Victim 2 since late 2011, when Amendola claimed to have talked to him.

Shubin and Andronici are now working with the Philadelphia law firm Ross Feller Casey.Sandusky was convicted in June of 45 counts related to molesting 10 boys, including Victim 2.

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