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State College DUI Defense Attorney

As an assistant district attorney, Sean McGraw prosecuted hundreds of alcohol and drug DUI cases. During that time, McGraw led a successful effort to correct a serious misunderstanding in the courts about the nature of the enzymatic analysis of whole blood supernatant, giving him valuable insight into the capacities and limitations of instruments that test blood for the presence of alcohol. And when Centre County revised DUI policies and procedures in 2012, McGraw was integrally involved in the revision process and authored the memo governing the new evidence collection and submission procedures.

As a State College DUI Attorney, Sean McGraw was the Commonwealth representative on Centre County’s DUI court, a treatment-intensive program designed to help people overcome the substance addictions that are the root cause of repeated DUI infractions. When McGraw went into private practice, he was invited to return to DUI court as the defense representative. In that capacity, he works closely with the judge, probation officers, and treatment coordinators to ensure DUI court’s continued success in addressing the problem of DUI in a fair, humane way that seeks to treat the underlying afflictions.

Working in conjunction with experienced trial attorney Andrew Shubin, McGraw offers the firm’s clients a wealth of knowledge and skill to take on the prosecution at all stages of a DUI prosecution.

“Completely respectable, non-judgmental, and understanding, while remaining completely professional. …able to explain all of the details of my case, run through scenarios of possible outcomes, and decipher which route to take that would have the least amount of negative impact on my future.”