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Fighting For Important Causes In State And Federal Courts

The firm of attorney Andrew Shubin has a solid Constitutional Law practice.  He has built this practice after years of working as a zealous advocate against all types of civil rights violations.  Our Constitutional Law practice focuses on fighting all violations of legal rights protected under the Constitution. Our goal is not only to rectify the unconstitutional violations but also to obtain compensation for victims of such acts.

Should You Hire a Civil Rights Violations Attorney?

Our work in cases involving the protection of civil liberties includes:

  • Challenging same-sex benefit discrimination and obtaining employee health care benefits for same sex partners.
  • Successful defense of a Penn State graduate student activist on First Amendment grounds against criminal and university disciplinary charges.
  • Secured financial settlement in federal civil rights action for a student hazed by an athletic coach.

If you have been denied a service or the right to express your ideas on campus or found your privacy breached, the Law Firm of Andrew Shubin Law can work with you.  Attorney Andrew Shubin will fight to redress the constitutional rights that have been denied to you. Call (814) 826-3586 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

Common Misconceptions About Constitutional Law

Criminal Cases

The most common misconception in civil rights violations of criminal defendants is that law enforcement officials are trained and will protect your constitutional rights.  Attorney Andrew Shubin has seen first-hand that this is not always the case. He has worked tirelessly with people who have been denied critical information about their case and many who have been subjected to unconstitutional practices that can range from prosecutorial misconduct to illegal searches and seizures.  He has worked with criminal defendants who have been denied access to basic services such as the provision of access to language translation throughout criminal proceedings. Andrew Shubin will stand up and defend your rights against these abuses.

Civil Cases

A common misconception is the idea that constitutional rights violations in civil cases can only be defended when a person works for a high-profile employer or institution. Constitutional violations can occur regardless of the size of the business or educational institution. In 2018, the US Supreme Court issued decisions on cases related to a baker, labor unions, cell phone companies, internet retailers, a political party, an athletic association and others.

Another misconception is that constitutional violations don’t happen anymore.  The recent decision of Obergefell v. Hodges allowing same sex marriages is an important milestone for same sex couples, stating that: “Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions.”

More recent decisions continue to demonstrate that there is much work needed to redress constitutional violations.  In Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the US Supreme Court reaffirmed that business owners cannot deny equal access to goods and services. In that particular case, a small cake shop owner invoked religious freedom as a justification to discriminate.

Attorney Andrew Shubin has successfully represented parties who have been discriminated against in the workplace and denied health care benefits.  He is compassionate and will help you fight for a just result.

What Are Common Civil Rights Violations?

There are two distinct areas of civil rights violations.  One area is when civil liberties such as Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Association are denied. The other is when Constitutional Guarantees are denied, such as, when a person is charged with a crime.  Andrew Shubin is well versed and an effective advocate in both civil and criminal matters.

Civil rights are essentially human rights protected by our laws.  Undignified and unjust acts should never be tolerated under any circumstances. Slavery, segregation, and other social panaceas have been prohibited after ordinary citizens challenged the social norms and sought to be protected under the rights established in the Constitution.

While this may seem straightforward, it can be very confusing because civil rights violations are not expressly defined under the Constitution.  The Constitution has been modified by amendments and interpreted differently through tried cases – new and complex challenges to existing case law have recently been tried at the Supreme Court.  Criminal or civil violations continuously raise new questions of civil rights. The amendments approved by Congress and incorporated into the Constitution are undeniable human rights established in the Bill of Rights.

Legal Rights Protected Under the U.S. Constitution

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits governmental institutions from making laws that can impact or constrain the free exercise of religion, free speech, freedom to associate commonly known as the right to assemble or petition the government for a redress of grievances. The Fourteenth Amendment requires states to honor and protect the constitutional rights guaranteed under the US Constitution.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is a fundamental American freedom and a human right where the freedom to share ideas is a valued right.  Freedom of speech can be under threat when politics, comfort or biased attitudes result in violations of freedom of speech.

Attorney Andrew Shubin is known for standing up against universities who file charges against student activists on campus.  He has developed a reputation in this area because he’s a fierce and effective advocate against oppressive school administrators

Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty is the right to follow the faith of your choice.  Religious liberty is the first freedom guaranteed to Americans by the Bill of Rights.  If you feel your right to associate based on religious beliefs and even the right to express these beliefs is under attack, you should seek a legal consultation.  Oftentimes, people are told their religious rights are respected but then find themselves being the subjects of intolerance and “hate speech.” Andrew Shubin’s law practice is committed to defending religious pluralism and will fight for protecting the right to associate and express religious faith.

Right of Privacy

Right of Privacy imposes a limitation on intrusion upon your privacy.  Violations to this right has been found regarding intimately personal matters such as sexual relations, child rearing and marriage, known as “zones of privacy.” These constitutional “zones of privacy” can extend to various aspects of personal life. As noted by the Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, “it is a promise of the Constitution that there is a realm of personal liberty which the government may not enter.”

Freedom to Associate

Freedom to Associate involves the right to peacefully come together with others and work for the common good or interest.  Andrew Shubin has represented victims of unlawful arrest as a result of their activism on campus.

Our Civil Rights Violations Lawyers Can Help

If you know someone who has been a victim of civil rights violations the Constitutional Law practice of Attorney Andrew Shubin can work with you and help you fight and defend your rights. Call (814) 826-3586 for more information or to schedule a free and confidential consultation.