Charges Against Photographer Withdrawn

Fighting For Important Causes In State And Federal Courts

By Mandy Hofmockel
Collegian Staff Writer

All charges against Daily Collegian photographer Michael Felletter were withdrawn Wednesday morning, ending for now a case that began with the Oct. 25 riots and escalated into a First Amendment debate.
But charges could be re-filed, defense attorney Andrew Shubin warned.
Felletter was arrested after receiving multiple police warnings to leave during the post-Ohio State football game riot on Beaver Avenue, according to the criminal complaint. Felletter was covering the riot for the Collegian.

Shubin, working pro bono with the American Civil Liberties Union in Felletter’s defense, has said police essentially arrested Felletter for taking photographs.

“Do we want to arrest the press for responsibly covering an incident?” Shubin said earlier in January. “That to me is un-American and unconstitutional.”
Centre County District Attorney Michael Madeira has denied the First Amendment connection. He would not comment this morning in court regarding the withdrawn charges.


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