Can a Grandparent Bail their Grandchild Out of Jail in State College, PA?

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If you get a call that your grandchild is in jail, you might have the resources to help bail them out and get them on the right path to beating the charges against them.  Many people are confused about how bail works, and you might have questions about how to send bail money and whether you can actually bail someone else out of jail.  The criminal defense lawyers for college students at The Law Office of Andrew Shubin explain whether a grandparent can bail their grandchild out of jail in State College and what a lawyer can do to help with this process.

Can You Bail Your Grandkid Out of Jail if They Were Arrested at Penn State?

When someone gets arrested, they might be able to get bail to get released from jail.  In many cases, there is no payment necessary for bail, and the court will release the defendant “on their own recognizance.”  This is common for lighter crimes or for defendants with no criminal record, ties to the area, and a low flight risk.  Essentially, if you are not a danger to the community and there is a low risk of you skipping your next court date, the judge should allow you to be released from jail ahead of your trial date.  In this case, the government will simply trust you to return for future court dates of your own accord.  If this happens, there is no need to pay bail at all – and having a lawyer argue for bail can help you get this kind of bail for yourself or your grandchild.

If your grandchild’s case is more serious, the court might require them to pay cash bail or pay some percentage of a larger cash amount as a bail bond before they can be released.  In these cases, you can definitely pay your grandchild’s bail for them – there is no requirement that someone has to pay their own bail, and others are permitted to help.

In some cases, bail will be denied altogether.  This means that the court thinks the defendant is likely to skip their next court date or that they are a danger to the community and should not be released.  In these cases, you will likely need a lawyer to argue for bail for you.  If bail was denied in your grandchild’s case, you might need to hire a lawyer to help them get out of jail before you can pay anything to get them released.

How to Pay My Grandchild’s Bail in State College, PA

If your grandchild was arrested and needs bail money, there are a few ways to pay it.  However, your first move should be to confirm that your grandchild is actually in jail and actually needs help.  Many scams target elderly parents and grandparents with calls claiming that their child or grandchild is in jail, and they ask them to send them money to “bail them out.”  Before sending any money, you should first confirm with the local police department, jail, or courthouse that your grandchild actually has been arrested and needs bail money.  You could also hire a local lawyer in State College to investigate the matter for you and guide you through how to pay your grandkid’s bail.

If your grandchild has been arrested, you can usually pay bail a few ways.  First, you could show up at the jail or the courthouse and pay their bail in person.  If you are unable to get there, you might be able to pay the bail amount remotely by paying over the phone or wiring money to the court.  You might also be able to send your grandchild money so that they can pay their bail themselves.  If bail is too expensive, you might also be able to call a bail bond agent and arrange for them to pay bail after you make a down payment and provide collateral.

In any case, you should work with a criminal defense lawyer.  Our State College bail lawyers can help fight to get your grandchild’s bail lowered so that they can be released without a bail payment or at a lower, affordable cost.

What to Do After Paying Bail for a Grandchild at PSU

If you pay your grandchild’s bail, that likely will not be the end of their case.  If their charges were severe enough that the court thought they needed to be held on bail, that means that there is likely future jail time or prison time on the line if they are convicted of the charges they face.  After being released on bail, your grandchild will still need to return to court for hearings and trial.  They should have an attorney represent them in court for any charges – especially for severe charges for high-dollar property crimes, violent crimes, or sexual assault.

If your grandchild needs a lawyer for their criminal case, we might be able to represent them.  Our attorneys could stand up for them in court and negotiate the case with prosecutors to help get charges reduced or arrange a satisfactory plea bargain.  If we cannot reach a plea agreement, we will fight to get the case dismissed in court by fighting the evidence and testimony.  Ultimately, we can also work to get sentences and penalties reduced if the evidence is overwhelming.

Call Our Lawyers for Penn State Students Arrested in State College for a Free Case Consultation

If your grandchild was arrested at Penn State and needs help being bailed out of jail, that will only be the beginning of their case.  Talk to our State College criminal defense lawyer to set your grandchild up with experienced representation for bail hearings, court dates, trials, and college disciplinary hearings related to their charges.  For a free legal consultation, call The Law Office of Andrew Shubin today at (814) 826-3586.


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