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Sports are seen as a way to mold people and instill important values in those who participate. The athletic coaches who oversee and guide young competitors are given a position of trust and authority. While the vast majority of coaches are hardworking and dedicated individuals, some misuse their position to sexually prey on those in their charge.

Victims who were sexually abused by their coaches often suffer deep psychological and emotional damages that will adversely impact their relationships in the future. Sexual abuse also harms a victim’s family and loved ones. Our attorney for victims who were sexually abused by a coach is committed to holding these depraved individuals accountable for their conduct. Call the Law Office of Andrew Shubin at (814) 826-3586 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit Against a Coach that Sexual Abused an Athlete

Civil lawsuits are filed against a party that inflicted harm against an innocent person. Through a civil suit, a victim of sexual abuse by a coach can seek financial compensation for the harm they suffered. When a coach abuses their position and sexually assaults an individual who trusted them, they should be held both criminally responsible and economically liable.

Victims of sexual abuse are not limited to bringing a claim against the coach. Depending on the circumstances, it might be possible to sue the institution or other coaches and officials that should have been or were aware of the sexual abuse. For example, when a college athletic board or governing body does not exercise reasonable oversight of the coaches in their employment or fails to address known or suspected abuse, the college could be held liable for any injuries suffered.

Sexual abuse cases are complicated and require the representation of our experienced attorneys. The Law Office of Andrew Shubin is committed to holding coaches and institutions who abused their trust accountable for the harm they caused. While a civil case might not provide criminal justice, holding a coach or university financially liable could help prevent other sexually abusive conduct and provide financial compensation to the survivor to help them more forward.

Evidence of Sexual Abuse by a Coach

In most cases, proof that a coach sexually abused a victim might not be readily apparent – especially if some time has passed. It is critical to understand what potentially could be used as evidence in a molestation or abuse case. Coaches will spend a considerable amount of time with the people they coach. If the coach appeared to be controlling or have a strong influence on the young athlete’s activities away from the practice field, then it could be evidence of abuse. Other evidence could include bruising around the genital area, a sexually transmitted disease, unusually irritable behavior, or a disinterest in the sport.

What to Do if You or a Loved One Was a Victim of Sexual Abuse by a Coach

If your child, a loved one, or if you were the victim of sexual abuse by a coach, you should report the incident to your local law enforcement. A report will help you to gather evidence of the assault. If necessary, you should also seek medical attention. In addition to treating any injuries you sustained during the abuse, a trained medical professional will preserve evidence, such as DNA, while documenting your injuries.

It is not uncommon for a victim of sexual abuse by a coach to let time pass before they can discuss or report the crime. This delay is normal behavior and many survivors feel reluctant, embarrassed, or ashamed. It is still important to contact our law office if time has passed; we can provide assistance and legal help based on your situation.

Federal Protections for Student Athletes who were Victims of Sexual Abuse by a Coach

The media has been filled with stories of sexual abuse committed by coaches at every level of sports, including college, high school, and youth. One of the biggest scandals in recent years was involving the USA Gymnastics team. This incident did not only shock the nation – it resulted in Congress taking action.

After the scandal came to light, Congress passed the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017. Under the provisions of the act, officials are required to report suspected sexual abuse with 24 hours of being notified of its existence. The act also extends the statute of limitations for federal sexual abuse offenses when the victim is a minor. Now, survivors who were minors at the time of the abuse by a coach have ten years after they reach the age of 18 to file a civil lawsuit.

Damages Available in Civil Lawsuits for Sexual Abuse by a Coach

No amount of financial compensation is going to heal the wounds of sexual abuse. However, that does not mean that a significant monetary award will not help a victim of abuse. Therefore, in addition to the coach, our California sexual abuse attorney will look to build a case against the institution or school that allowed the abuse to occur. Depending on what happened, a victim of sexual abuse is entitled to three types of damages through a civil lawsuit.

Economic damages will help cover a victim’s medical expenses, including the cost of counseling and therapy. In some situations, a victim could be awarded money for athletic opportunities that were lost, lost income, and even relocation costs if the trauma required moving or changing schools.

In addition to the compensation for actual expenses, a victim of sexual abuse can recover non-economic damages. This means that an induvial could be compensated for the emotional distress they suffered, including humiliation, embarrassment, and the loss of the ability to enjoy life.

In some instances, where the conduct was especially abhorrent or malicious, a victim of sexual abuse could be awarded punitive damages. Punitive damages, unlike economic and non-economic damages, are meant to punish the responsible party for the abusive conduct. Often, these types of damages result in a significant financial award.

To maximize your potential financial settlement, our office will target the larger school or institution that failed to protect the young athlete.

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