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Over the past few years, thousands of people across the country have bravely come forward to talk about abuse they underwent as children and adults.  The bravery of some inspires bravery in others, and more and more people come forward every day to tell their stories and seek justice for sexual abuse they faced.  Victims of Coach Conrad Avondale Mainwaring are no exception.

Mainwaring is a former Olympian and track coach whose alleged abuse of young athletes has come to light.  Hundreds – if not thousands – of young athletes have had interactions with Mainwaring in the past, and over his four decades as an active coach and athlete, many people may have alleged abuse.  If you or a loved one was sexually abused by Coach Conrad Avondale Mainwaring, contact our attorneys today for help seeking justice and compensation for what happened to you.  The Law Office of Andrew Shubin can be reached at (814) 826-3586.  Our attorneys are available to schedule a free legal consultation so you can learn more about your potential case.

Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Conrad Mainwaring

As an Olympian in the 70s, Mainwaring had opportunities to work as a coach for universities, camps, and other athletics programs across the country.  With formal positions on staff in California as well as at Syracuse University and Colgate University, Mainwaring had a position of trust and authority that allowed him access to thousands of young men and boys, ranging from college-aged students down to children involved in camp and development programs.  It is alleged that, in this position of trust, Mainwaring molested or abused dozens of athletes.

Accusations against Mainwaring have ranged from 1975 – the year before his appearance in the 1976 Olympics – through 2016.  If you or a loved one believes you may have also been victimized by Coach Mainwaring, it is not too late to come forward and fight for justice in your case.

Filing a Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse and Molestation Against Coach Mainwaring

Victims of sexual abuse and molestation may take years of processing and reflecting on the abuse they suffered before they can come to terms with it.  It may be years before someone comes forward, especially against someone with power, authority, or popularity.  Many states give extended timelines for victims, allowing them decades to come forward.  If you do come forward, you may be able to file criminal charges against your abuser.  However, it may be more beneficial to you to file a civil lawsuit for the molestation, sexual assault, or abuse you endured.

Each state’s “statute of limitations” on sex abuse cases is different.  States like California and New York, two states where Mainwaring worked, have long deadlines.  These states still do have statutes of limitations, however, so it is vital to talk to an attorney about filing your case as soon as possible.  In other states, the statute of limitations might be shorter, so it is vital to call a lawyer about your potential case immediately.

Victims can sue for a wide range of abuse and assault.  There is no requirement that the abuse you endured meet certain levels to “qualify,” and it should never be said that someone wasn’t abused “enough” to sue for the harm they faced.  As such, abuse can involve physical touching or molestation, over the clothes or under the clothes.  It can also involve more aggressive or violative abuse, such as coerced or forced sex acts.  In any case, there is usually a law in each state that allows victims of this kind of conduct to sue for damages, especially if they were minors when the abuse occurred.

In many states, you can also sue any institutions that allowed the abuse to continue or failed to provide adequate screening and security to keep people safe.  This means that if a university where Coach Mainwaring worked had knowledge or reports of misconduct and failed to fire him or investigate the claims, they may share liability for the acts.  In many cases, the compensation you claim can come from the institution as well as the individual abuser.

Damages for Sex Abuse Claims

If you were sexually abused or molested, you may be entitled to damages paid by the perpetrator and any institutions that failed to keep you safe.  These damages depend heavily on the facts of your case, but they can be substantial in many cases.

The damages you claim can include compensation for any medical expenses related to the abuse.  In cases of serious physical and sexual abuse, the victim often sustains injuries that need medical attention.  Even in cases with few physical elements, the care that the victim needs may include mental healthcare, such as therapy and mental health treatment to deal with the effects of the abuse.

In some cases, especially cases with pervasive physical injuries, you may also claim compensation for lost medical expenses.

Victims of any kind of injury or assault can also claim damages for pain and suffering.  The mental anguish and emotional distress of having yourself violated by someone else can be pervasive, and you could suffer very high damages for the suffering of sexual abuse.

You may also be able to claim damages to punish the abuser, known as punitive damages.  These damages are rare but may be issued in a case where there were efforts to cover up the abuse which allowed the abuser to continue to harm others.

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If you or your child suffered sexual abuse or inappropriate touching committed by Coach Mainwaring, contact The Law Office of Andrew Shubin today.  Our attorney for sexual abuse victims of Conrad Mainwaring may be able to file a sexual abuse lawsuit on your behalf to fight to get you compensation for the harm you suffered, even if the assault happened years ago.  Contact our attorneys for more information and to schedule your free legal consultation.  Our number is (814) 826-3586.


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