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In 2019, it was revealed to the public that a former Ohio State team doctor, Dr. Richard Strauss, was accused of sexually abusing nearly 200 victims in his time at The Ohio State University.  To make matters worse, it was also alleged that officials at the University knew about the abuse allegations, kept the doctor on staff, and failed to warn new and current athletes about the abuse.

If you or a loved one was one of these students victimized in the 70s through the 90s, or if you were abused by another team doctor at The Ohio State University or another college, contact The Law Office of Andrew Shubin.  Our attorney for Ohio State team doctor abuse victims represents these victims and other survivors of sexual abuse at educational institutions throughout the country.  For help with a potential lawsuit against the perpetrators and the responsible colleges and universities, call us today at (814) 826-3586 to set up a free legal consultation.

Suing The Ohio State University for Abuse by a Team Doctor

Doctors are in a special position of trust.  People understand that doctors might sometimes have to touch them in private areas or see them at least partially nude, but there is no excuse for a doctor or other medical professional who crosses the line and touches or fondles a patient for their own amusement or gratification.  In many of the allegations against Dr. Strauss, that is exactly what happened.  In many cases, these allegations could lead to lawsuits against Dr. Strauss and against the institution that allowed these abuses to continue: Ohio State.

Under Ohio law, lawsuits can be filed against abusers for unwanted touching and sexual abuse.  Especially for someone in a position of trust, these violations are quite illegal.  Although Dr. Strauss is deceased, lawsuits can still be filed against his estate to seek damages for any abuse he caused.  These lawsuits can help progress a victim’s case, but survivors of this kind of abuse might not be able to receive full compensation for this harm.

To help cover the damages in your lawsuit, you may be able to sue Ohio State as well.  It is alleged that Ohio State knew about this doctor’s abuses, which means that they should have taken reasonable steps to prevent future abuse by investigating the claims, suspending the doctor, confirming the abuses, and firing the offending doctor to prevent future abuse and keep its students safe.  By failing to take these steps, Ohio State might be negligent in these abuses – and at worst, the University might be complicit.  As such, they can be held partly responsible for the harm if negligence can be proven in court.  This can allow victims to get compensation from the University, potentially covering damages that they cannot claim from the deceased abuser.

Deadline to File Lawsuits for Sexual Abuse in Ohio

Every state has “statutes of limitations,” which are laws dictating the deadline to file civil lawsuits or criminal charges.  In many states, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases is quite long to allow victims time to understand what happened to them and find the courage to come forward with their claim.  Especially in cases where someone was sexually abused as a minor, they might have decades to come forward.  In Ohio, the statute of limitations for sex crimes is surprisingly strict, and it is sometimes called one of the worst statutes of limitations for sexual abuse in the country.

If the victim of sexual abuse was a minor when the abuse occurred, they have until they turn 30 to file their claim.  According to Ohio Rev. Code § 2305.11(C), the cause of action for this lawsuit does not accrue until the victim turns 18, giving them time to process what happened, and then there is a 12-year statute of limitations, allowing victims until they turn 30 to file their claim.  If you were an adult when you were abused, the state’s standard 2-year statute of limitations might apply.

However, because this abuse occurred at an educational institution, you may be able to file claims under Title IX and other legislation which might allow you an increased time to file.  Make sure that you talk to a lawyer to learn more about filing your case rather than assuming your time to file has already passed.

Damages for Sexual Abuse by a Team Doctor at Ohio State

If you were abused by Dr. Strauss or another team doctor at The Ohio State University, you may be entitled to financial compensation to cover the harms you faced.  While money cannot set things right or undo past mistakes, it can help you move forward.

Many survivors of sexual abuse require medical and mental health treatment.  Physical injuries could require emergency medical care that should be compensated by the responsible parties, though there are no reports that abuse committed by this individual involved violence.  Instead, mental health counseling to deal with PTSD or other effects of the abuse could be covered by financial compensation.  If these mental health issues resulted in lost income or missed work, you might also be entitled to compensation for the lost wages you suffered.

It is more likely in these claims that the victims suffered physical discomfort, mental anguish, and emotional distress from the abuse as opposed to physical injuries.  Compensation for these harms can be quite high, making up the majority of the damages you claim in your case.

Call a lawyer today to discuss your claim and find out what compensation you might be entitled to.

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College sexual abuse victim’s attorney Andrew Shubin has previously represented victims of abuse by Jerry Sandusky in lawsuits against Penn State University as well as other victims of sexual abuse in claims against other institutions for sexual abuse and sexual assault.  If you were abused by Dr. Richard Strauss or other team doctors at The Ohio State University, call our attorney for Ohio State team doctor abuse victims at The Law Office of Andrew Shubin to schedule a free, confidential legal consultation and learn more about your legal options to seek justice.  Call us today at (814) 826-3586.


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