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Getting justice and financial compensation for sexual abuse has become easier in recent years, with state legislatures making sure that victims get the time they need to file a claim.  With more and more people coming forward about what happened to them, survivors of sexual abuse see that they are not alone and that they can have their voices heard and demand justice for what happened to them.

Our attorneys help sexual abuse victims in Pittsburgh, other parts of Pennsylvania, and around the country.  If you are considering coming forward about sexual abuse that you or your child suffered, we can help you bring your case and fight for fair and just compensation.

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Types of Sexual Abuse Cases Our Attorneys Help with in Pittsburgh

Sexual abuse comes in many different forms.  In many cases, institutions are involved by hiring dangerous abusers or turning a blind eye to abuse.  In many other cases, individual abusers get away with their acts for years before being brought to justice.  Our attorneys for victims of sexual abuse can help with any of the following situations and others not on this list:

Abuse by Schools and Colleges

Victims of sexual abuse in a school setting might not be able to come forward for a few reasons.  First, as a child or minor, you might now know that what is happening to you is actually abuse.  Second, the power dynamics between a teacher or an administrator and a student sometimes make victims feel they will be punished for coming forward or that they will not be believed.

In cases of sexual abuse by a school, college, or similar institution, the victim often has other routes to file their claim, such as through a Title IX claim or other complaints filed through the Department of Education.  However, individual lawsuits are often still available.

Abuse by Churches and Priests

Pennsylvania has investigated abuse by the Catholic Church, exposing many allegedly abusive priests in Pittsburg and other areas, and demonstrating the Church’s practices of allegedly moving abusive priests and protecting them from being brought to justice.  Although many cases of abuse by priests happened years ago, you could be entitled to come forward and file a lawsuit if you were a minor at the time of the abuse.  However, it is important to check the statute of limitations for your case.

Sexual Abuse by Parents and Family

Many childhood victims of sexual abuse are abused by a parent or someone else in their own family.  In these cases, there is no school, church, or other institution that you can sue, but you could be entitled to damages for the injuries, medical care, and other harm you faced in a lawsuit against the individual who abused you.  Especially if you are an emancipated minor or you now face financial hardships because of the physical and mental health consequences of the abuse you suffered as a child, filing a lawsuit can go a long way toward helping you move forward with your life.

Adult Sexual Abuse

Many victims of sexual abuse are adults, potentially still facing current abuse by a spouse, significant other, employer, or other person.  It is important to come forward and get the help you need.  Our attorneys can help find local resources in your area to get you out of your abusive situation, apply for protective orders to stop the abuse, and even help get other legal processes moving to protect you and help you get compensation for the abuse you face.

Steps for Bringing a Sexual Abuse Claim in Pittsburgh, PA

Coming forward for help with past or current sexual abuse starts with recognizing the abuse.  Understanding that what is happening to you is wrong can often be a hurdle, and many people do not see what they are going through as abusive until potentially years of current abuse or years after the abuse has ended.  Nonetheless, once you recognize that you were abused, you should contact a lawyer and consider filing a claim.

In cases of sexual abuse at work or in school, there might be filings you need to make with various government entities that help report sex discrimination and abuse.  After that, you could be entitled to a lawsuit.

Lawsuits start with a filing in court alleging what conduct occurred, stating who is responsible for the abuse, and estimating the damages you are claiming.  Our attorneys can write these documents and support them in court.

From there, cases might be settled with defendants.  Settling can help you get the compensation you need and potentially avoid you having to take the stand and testify about what happened to you.  However, many victims of sexual abuse see settlements as insufficient because they potentially allow the abuser to keep the situation quiet, as compared to going to court, where the public can see the abuser for what they are.

If your case does go to trial, whether because that is what you want or because the defendant refuses to settle, our lawyers can help you fight your case before a jury to get the justice you deserve.

Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse Claims in Pittsburgh, PA

The law is always in flux when it comes to the deadline for filing sexual abuse claims, especially for victims who were abused as minors.  The current statute of limitations in Pennsylvania gives adult victims who are at least 24 years old 2 years to come forward and file their case.  For victims abused as minors (under 18), the law gives you until you turn 55.  For victims who were at least 18 but under 24 years old when they were abused, you have until you turn 30 to file your claim.

These are the current laws that affect abuse that happened since this law was passed in 2019.  If you were abused before this law passed, you will have to reference the statute of limitations that was in place at the time of your abuse, potentially giving you a shorter time to file.  The law immediately before these changes gave child victims until age 30 to sue.

Proposed legislation could suspend the statute of limitations, allowing old cases to be filed even if they would be time-barred under current law, so speak with a lawyer about your potential to file a case if the laws were to change.

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