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Sexual abuse can occur in many different forms. For example, such abuse can range from unwanted touching or groping to more severe forms of sexual assault. The impact of sexual abuse can be devastating to the quality of a victim’s life.

Institutional sexual abuse occurs when someone in a position of power abuses that power to assault a victim. For example, institutional abuse may be perpetrated by religious leaders, teachers, or leaders of sports organizations. Thankfully, after someone suffers institutional abuse, they may be able to file a lawsuit against at-fault parties for the harm they endured.

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Different Types of Institutional Sexual Abuse that Can Occur in Philadelphia

Institutional sexual abuse can come in many different forms. If you suffered any of the following types of abuse, then our attorneys for victims of sexual abuse will explain your potential options for pursuing compensation:

Clergy Abuse

Clergy abuse is a common form of institutional abuse. It involves sexual misconduct by members of religious clergy, such as priests, ministers, or religious leaders. Victims may be subjected to various forms of sexual abuse, ranging from inappropriate touching to rape. The abuse often occurs within religious institutions, where perpetrators exploit their trusted positions and authority to manipulate and harm individuals.

School Abuse

School abuse is another type of sexual abuse that victims can suffer. This form of abuse refers to instances of sexual abuse that take place within educational institutions. It can involve teachers, coaches, administrators, or other staff members engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with students. School abuse can take the form of grooming, sexual harassment, assault, or exploitation, and it often exploits the power dynamics between educators and students.

Sports Organizations Abuse

Also, institutional sexual abuse can also occur in the form of sports organizations abuse. This type of abuse occurs within sports organizations and involves sexual misconduct by coaches, trainers, or other personnel associated with the organization. Perpetrators may use their position of authority and trust to exploit athletes, often through grooming, sexual coercion, or non-consensual acts. Sports organizations can provide environments where abuse can occur due to the close relationships and power imbalances between coaches and athletes.

Foster Care or Residential Care Abuse

Foster care or residential care abuse refers to instances of sexual abuse that occur within foster homes, group homes, or other residential care facilities. Vulnerable children or individuals under the care of these institutions may experience sexual exploitation, assault, or grooming by caregivers, staff members, or other residents.

Military or Armed Forces Abuse

Furthermore, some victims suffer military or armed forces abuse. This type of abuse involves sexual misconduct within the military or armed forces. It includes instances of sexual assault, harassment, or exploitation perpetrated by fellow service members or individuals in positions of authority. Power dynamics, hierarchies, and the unique structure of military institutions can contribute to the prevalence of such abuse.

Correctional Facility Abuse

Sexual abuse can also occur in correctional facilities. Correctional facility abuse refers to sexual abuse that occurs within prisons, jails, or other detention centers. It can involve both staff members and other inmates engaging in sexual exploitation, assault, or harassment against incarcerated individuals, taking advantage of the power imbalances and vulnerability inherent in such environments.

Medical or Healthcare Institutions Abuse

Medical or healthcare institutions abuse is another type of institutional sexual abuse that can occur in Philadelphia. This type of abuse involves sexual misconduct by healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, therapists, or other medical personnel. It can include acts such as inappropriate touching during examinations, non-consensual procedures, or sexual relationships that breach professional boundaries. Victims may experience exploitation, trauma, and a breach of trust within the healthcare setting.

Non-Profit Organizations Abuse

Lastly, some people suffer sexual abuse while working within non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations can be susceptible to abuse when individuals within the organization exploit their positions to perpetrate sexual misconduct. This can involve volunteers, employees, or individuals in leadership positions engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with vulnerable populations or beneficiaries of the organization’s services.

Damages Available to Victims of Sexual Abuse in Philadelphia

If you were sexually abused, there are multiple forms of monetary damages that you may be able to recover from an at-fault party. During your free case review, the team at our firm can explain which of the following may be sought:

Economic Damages

You may be able to recover financial compensation for any economic damages that are incurred as a result of your sexual abuse. Economic damages are designed to compensate you for the financial losses resulting from your abuse. For example, these damages may include past and future medical expenses, therapy costs, loss of earnings or earning capacity, and other financial losses directly attributed to the abuse at issue.

Non-Economic Damages

Furthermore, you may recover payment for non-economic damages stemming from your sexual abuse. Non-economic damages are intended to compensate the plaintiff for intangible losses like physical pain and emotional distress.

In order to recover non-economic damages, you may need to present copious amounts of complicated evidence. Accordingly, it is important to have experienced legal representation on your side when seeking these damages in your case.

Punitive Damages

Finally, punitive damages may be awarded. Rather than compensate you for a loss, these damages serve to punish the defendant for their grossly negligent behavior. Further, they serve to discourage people from exhibiting similar conduct in the future.

Still, punitive damages are only awarded in rare cases. While investigating your claim, our legal team can determine if these damages may be warranted in your case.

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