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It is normal for victims of sexual abuse to wait to come forward with their claims. This sometimes makes getting justice difficult, but an attorney can help you file a lawsuit against the person who hurt you.

People often do not disclose sexual abuse claims for many years, so the law has carved out special rules regarding deadlines for filing civil lawsuits. In short, the younger you are when sexual abuse happens, the longer you might have to file your claim. Evidence might be challenging to obtain in some cases, but not impossible. Your testimony, witness testimony, and medical records can help us prove your claims for damages. You should be prepared to face frustrating setbacks common in these kinds of cases. For example, evidence might be scarce, or there might be disputes regarding the issue of consent. Our attorneys can help you navigate complex legal procedures, find evidence, and evaluate your substantial damages.

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When You Can Sue for Sexual Abuse in Lower Merion, PA

It is common for sexual abuse victims to wait before reporting the abuse or taking legal action. Victims often wait years or even decades before they feel comfortable sharing their stories. As a result, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse claims tends to vary depending on how old the victim was when the abuse occurred.

The law underwent significant reform in 2019. Under the newly enacted law, younger victims have a much longer time to get their claims into court. For those who were sexually abused when they were adults 24 or older, the standard 2-year statute of limitations applies.

The deadline is longer for those who were abused when they were young. If you were at least 18 but still younger than 24 when the sexual abuse occurred, you have until you turn 30 to file a lawsuit. Younger victims tend to have a harder time coming forward with their claims, often out of shame or fear, but also because abusers tend to be in positions of power. As such, they have more time to file.

If you were younger than 18 when the abuse happened, you have the longest deadline to file your case. You have 37 years from your 18th birthday to file a civil lawsuit. You have until you turn 55 to get your claims into court. Children often cannot advocate for themselves, and they might not even realize the abuse until well into adulthood. As such, they have significant time to file their claims.

Evidence You Need for Your Sexual Abuse Case in Lower Merion, PA

Lawsuits involving sexual abuse claims often have trouble with evidence. Many plaintiffs struggle to find evidence to prove their claims. Often, evidence has been lost to time, and proving what happened to you is difficult. Even so, strong cases have been built on minimal evidence, and an attorney can help you find what you need.

Testimony might be a huge part of your case. Sexual abuse victims often do not report the abuse for quite some time, and there might be no police reports, DNA tests, or other hard evidence we can rely on. However, your testimony about how you were abused is of the utmost importance, as nobody knows what happened better than you. Additionally, if other people were aware of the abuse when it was happening, we might have them testify to shed light on the situation.

Abuse victims are often badly injured by their abusers. Even if they do not report the abuse, they might still receive medical treatment for their injuries. We can try to obtain your medical records from when the abuse occurred and see if there is any information about your injuries. We can also have a doctor examine your records and determine if your injuries were consistent with sexual abuse.

Possible Setbacks in Your Case for Sexual Abuse in Lower Merion, PA

Sexual abuse cases can be challenging, and plaintiffs often have to overcome numerous setbacks and hurdles. Do not let this deter you from pursuing legal action and getting justice. An attorney can help you prepare for possible roadblocks and plan your legal strategies accordingly.

As mentioned before, a lack of evidence might be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Scarce evidence is common sexual abuse claims, especially for plaintiffs whose abuse happened many years ago. Evidence and witnesses might be lost over time, and memory of the events might be fading.

Even in cases where the abuse is more recent, evidence might still be hard to find. Sexual abuse tends to be very secretive, and abusers often take precautions to ensure nobody finds out and no trace is left. Even so, abusers cannot erase all evidence of their actions, and our lawyers for victims of sexual abuse can help you find the evidence you need.

Disputes regarding consent are also somewhat common. For example, if the victim had a relationship with the defendant, the defendant might argue that there was no abuse because they had valid consent. Determining where consent begins and ends is a tricky issue to tackle, and defendants sometimes use this as a tactic to raise doubt. Remaining firm in your claim that you did not consent to anything and that the defendant sexually abused you is key to convincing the jury of your claims.

What Our Lawyers for Sexual Abuse in Lower Merion, PA Can Do to Help

Trying to navigate any injury claim on your own is extremely difficult, but handling a sexual abuse claim alone is another level of difficulty. There are numerous legal hurdles to plan for, and emotions will likely run high. An attorney with legal skills, knowledge, and experience can help you with your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

Your attorney can also help you assess your damages. In cases where sexual abuse occurred many years ago, plaintiffs sometimes have a hard time articulating their damages. A lawyer can help you identify economic and non-economic losses. For example, you might claim substantial damages for pain, suffering, psychological distress, humiliation, and even damage to your reputation in your community.

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