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Shubin Law is a full-service immigration law firm providing comprehensive legal services for U.S. immigrants throughout Pennsylvania. From defending immigrants at deportation and removal proceedings, to helping foreign students apply for F-1 visas, to obtaining employment visas on behalf of foreign workers, businesses, and investors, our experienced immigration law attorneys have the skill and knowledge to defend your rights, assess your options, and help you achieve your goals efficiently. To arrange a free legal consultation about the immigration services we provide, contact us online, or call Shubin Law at (814) 826-3586 today.

M and F Visa Application Help for International Students

According to the Migration Policy Institute, the United States is “the country of choice for the largest number of international students, hosting about 1.1 million of the 4.6 million [students] enrolled worldwide in 2017.” However, while the U.S. offers an unparalleled breadth of world-class educational opportunities, international students must obtain the appropriate student visa in order to study here lawfully. The student visa lawyers at the Shubin Law can assist you with all stages of the U.S. student visa application process, including:

  • Determining which type of visa you need
  • Helping you apply for a student visa
  • Maintaining your M student or F student status after you receive your visa
  • Facilitating the transition from student visa to work visa

Types of Student Visas

The first step toward obtaining your student visa is to identify which type of visa is best suited to your needs. Most international students will require some type of F visa or M visa, such as an F-1 visa.

In general, M visas are intended for students pursuing vocational programs, whereas F visas are meant for students who wish to attend a college, university, conservatory, or seminary. Thus, foreign students enrolling in a U.S. college or university will generally require an F visa to study in the United States, such as one of the following:

  • F-1 Visas – For students who are enrolled full-time
  • F-2 Visas – For the dependents of F-1 visa holders
  • F-3 Visas – For “border commuters,” meaning students who both (1) are from either Canada or Mexico, and (2) will remain in their home country while studying in the United States, whether on part-time or full-time basis

Employment Visa Attorneys for College Professors and Graduates

Just as students must obtain visas in order to study in the United States, graduate students, professors, and others must obtain employment visas in order to work in the United States, unless the individual already has a Green Card or work permit that allows them to work here lawfully. U.S. employment visas, which are also called “work visas” or “business visas,” are only available in limited quantities, depending on the fiscal year and what type of visa the individual is applying for. Therefore, it is critical to discuss your situation with a work visa lawyer right away if you intend to seek employment in the United States after graduating.

Types of U.S. Work Visas

There are many different types of business visas available for foreign individuals who wish to work in the United States. Some examples of employment visas that our immigration law firm can assist with, from preparing application paperwork to investigating delays and visa denials, include the following:

  • H1-B (H1B) Visas – Non-immigrant visas for specialized and technical workers, such as workers with professional backgrounds in accounting, engineering, finance, or medicine
  • H-3 (H3) Visas – Non-immigrant visas for individuals who are coming to the United States to receive job training, with some exceptions pertaining to medical job training
  • E-1 (E1), E-2 (E2), and E-3 (E3) Visas – “Treaty” visas for traders (E1), investors (E2), and Australian citizens (E3) who meet certain criteria
  • EB-5 (EB5) Visas – For immigrant investors whose investments meet specific financial and job creation standards
  • L-1A (L1A) and L-1B (L1B) Visas – Non-immigrant visas for intracompany transferees who meet certain criteria pertaining to managerial work, executive-level work, or employment that demands specialized technical knowledge

Deportation Defense Lawyers for Removal Proceedings in Pennsylvania

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. immigrants face the threat of deportation – an immensely stressful, frightening prospect that can upend everything the individual has worked so hard to build and achieve. There are many reasons the federal government may attempt to deport an immigrant student or worker, such as the commission of a crime, the expiration of a work visa or student visa, or the violation of one of the United States’ myriad, often confusing immigration laws.

If you or one of your family members has been charged with a crime, is under investigation by federal agencies, or has received a Notice to Appear from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the situation is serious – and urgent. Take immediate action to protect yourself by hiring a skilled and experienced deportation defense attorney, like Andrew Shubin, who has successfully prevented numerous clients from being deported back to their countries of origin. We are ready to take swift action to defend you or your loved one, whether that means applying for asylum, fighting for you at hearings, or appealing (challenging) a deportation order that has already been issued. We will evaluate your situation to determine the strongest legal strategy for fighting the deportation, providing you with aggressive advocacy from day one of your case.

Pennsylvania Immigration Lawyers for Foreign Students and Workers

Every year, millions of immigrants and non-immigrants come to the United States to work, study, or invest in U.S. businesses. However, this process is often easier said than done. U.S. immigration laws are complex and continually evolving, posing serious legal challenges even for the most gifted of students or talented of workers. Even if the individual obtains a visa successfully, he or she may later face the threat of deportation, severing precious ties to family, friends, and financial opportunities.

For all of these reasons, it is imperative to work with a knowledgeable, trustworthy immigration attorney in Pennsylvania. For a free and confidential consultation with immigration law attorney Andrew Shubin, contact Shubin Law online, or call (814) 826-3586.