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Sexual Abuse Attorney

​When the truth of Jerry Sandusky’s years of predatory sexual behavior finally came to light, Attorney Andrew Shubin led the charge to hold Penn State accountable for its role in the decades long sexual abuse of boys. Shubin represented Sandusky victims 2, 3, 7 and 10, Matt Sandusky, and others in their historic civil settlements with Penn State. Award-winning filmmaker Amir Bar Lev’s documentary Happy Valley recounts Shubin’s central role in the fight for justice and accountability.

Shubin distinguished himself by bringing compassion, caring, and an understanding of the catastrophic effects of sexual abuse to his relentless, tenacious advocacy. This unique approach empowered Shubin to obtain unprecedented financial results in a quiet, respectful, and dignified manner that put the needs of the victims and their families first.

Attorney Shubin is committed to securing justice for abuse survivors and using their decades of trial experience to fight sexual abuse.

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Attorney Andrew Shubin

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