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Prisoners and inmates across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania might be at risk from coronavirus while in jail or prison.  Public health officials have said that coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person, even if the carrier does not show symptoms.  This virus can affect people with serious health conditions and healthy people alike.  As such, being in jail during the COVID-19 pandemic could be a serious health concern.

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Pennsylvania Coronavirus Response for Prisoner Release

The Department of Corrections (DOC) in Pennsylvania has already taken steps to release inmates to help reduce the risk of coronavirus in overcrowded jails and prisons.  According to the DOC, there have been efforts made to release prisoners in 5 ways:

  1. Moving parolees to home confinement
  2. Increasing the number of parole releases
  3. Reviewing additional parole applications from state and county prisons
  4. Moving pending parole release cases out of jail
  5. Beginning parole review for people who have already served their sentencing minimum

Jails and prisons in the state have also reduced or eliminated socialization time, begun serving meals in cells, and ended in-person visitation, which can make time spend in jail far worse.

However, these steps might not be enough to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  More prisoners might need to be released to keep everyone safe.  Holding people in close proximity to each other puts them at a higher risk of getting the coronavirus and transmitting it to others.  The virus needs to be brought into the jail from somewhere for it to spread, so guards and new inmates are usually the main vectors for bringing a virus like the coronavirus into a jail.  To prevent this from happening, the state has been testing and screening workers and inmates, but this still might not be enough.

Who Can File for Prisoner Early Release for Coronavirus in Pennsylvania?

To get additional prisoners out of jail and safe from the close quarters contact of other inmates, lawyers are filing petitions for early release.  These kinds of petitions usually cover 4 main categories of cases:

At-Risk Prisoners

Older prisoners and prisoners with preexisting health conditions like asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and more might be at worse risk of serious complications if they catch the coronavirus.  Because of this, these prisoners could be able to get special release or furlough exceptions so that they can stay out of jail during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prisoners Near Parole

If you are already close to being paroled, the state might let you go early.  The Pennsylvania DOC has taken steps to expand parole for people who are already close to parole or who have already served their minimum sentence.  Your lawyer might be able to help you file for release this way.

Non-Violent Offenders

Many people spend time in county jail because they were convicted of a series of non-violent offenses.  Jail and prison should be reserved only for very serious offenders who have harmed other people.  Inmates who were convicted of non-violent offenses like drug crimes or theft might be able to seek release to avoid the coronavirus.

Pretrial Detainees

County jails across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania often have many inmates who have not been convicted yet.  People who had bail denied or simply have not had a bail hearing scheduled might spend an excessive amount of time in jail.  Filing for bail hearings or bail reconsideration might get you released while your trial is pending.  If your trial was rescheduled or postponed because of the coronavirus, it might be unfair to keep you in jail even longer while you are still innocent until proven guilty.

How to File for Early Release from Jail Because of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

In some cases, filing for early release might be part of another process that the criminal justice system already handles every day.  For instance, parole releases are usually handled throughout the year, and cases are regularly put up for review and decided.  If you are close to parole, the way to seek release might be to file through the normal channels for parole.

Additionally, pretrial bail release is an everyday part of what the courts do across the state.  If you are sitting in jail while you await trial, filing a motion for bail reduction or a motion to have bail set might be able to get you out of jail.

Other cases for reprieves are handled through special channels that deal specifically with those cases.  Medical reprieves and furloughs can be granted to petitioners who make out a good case for why they need to be released.  Our lawyer will work to put forth a strong case for inmates who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19.

Other legal tools might be necessary to try to get you released if other processes are not available.  Talk to a lawyer today for help with your case.

Call Our Pennsylvania Coronavirus Prisoner Release Lawyer for Help with Your Case

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