• Protecting your future.

State College Attorneys – For Students

We get it.

Attorney Andrew Shubin understands the terrifying, potentially permanent consequences that a university student faces when dealing with disciplinary or criminal charges. We know that for students, the stakes couldn’t be higher — freedom, university degree, future careers, criminal records, student aid, and the resources and sacrifices made by their parents.

Fighting for a student is more than just showing up in court. We work closely with investigators, school administrators, therapists, and drug and alcohol counselors to ensure the best possible outcome – in the courtroom, classroom and community.

Most of the students we work with have never been in trouble before and their families may have no experience with the criminal justice system. Penn State students have worked hard to gain admission to the University and their families have often made enormous sacrifices to finance their education. We understand the desperation of a mom or dad who wants to protect a child.

We fight for your kids as if they were our own.

“When I was a 19-year old college student, I made a mistake…Luckily, Andy Shubin was there to assist me…Through his expertise of the law, knowledge of the political arena, and honesty, we were successful…I said “we,” because Andy was always a member of my team…I can confidently say he is my attorney, my mentor, and now a friend I can count on. State College is blessed by the work of Andy Shubin.”