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Catastrophic Injury

Birth injuries. Auto accidents. Medical malpractice. Toxic chemicals. Dangerous pharmaceuticals. Defective products.

​​The impact of a catastrophic injury is staggering. Who will provide care? How will I afford it? What will the rest of my life look like? If I can’t work, what will happen to my family? We have answers, experience and a singular reputation for tenacity earned representing multiple Sandusky abuse victims in their historic civil settlement.

​​We understand that you are feeling exhausted, raw, and overwhelmed. Attorney Andrew Shubin is a trial lawyer deeply committed to holding negligent medical providers, greedy corporations, uncaring governmental officials, and unprincipled insurance companies accountable. Our fight for justice for you and your family means ensuring that the negligent, the reckless, and the uncaring will pay for the suffering and pain they have caused.

“Without help of people like Andy Shubin…our son would not have had anywhere near the quality of life that he does today…Our son now has all the resources he requires to live a fulfilling life. There is nothing that surpasses the feeling of knowing your child with daily special needs, will be blessed with all that is required.”