About Attorney
Caroline Watral


Fighting For Important Causes In State And Federal Courts

Ms. Watral brings to Shubin Law extensive expertise in education law and policy. Prior to returning to private practice, Ms. Watral, who studied education finance and litigation as a doctoral student, taught education law and policy at Penn State, clerked in a class action lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania special education funding under federal law, worked in risk management for the US Department of Education, and led PNC Bank’s commercial risk rating platform.

Ms. Watral’s comprehensive experience makes her a dynamic resource to clients in education law, Title IX litigation, and civil rights. Her strong business background and quantitative strengths have also helped Shubin Law grow into a nationally respected firm, attracting clients from across the country eager to find experienced, personal, and empathetic representation. Ms. Watral currently heads business development at Shubin Law while practicing in education law, Title IX, complex criminal defense, and federal civil rights law.


  • B.A. in philosophy, Penn State
  • M.A. in educational theory and policy, Penn State
  • J.D., Penn State University Dickinson School of Law.
  • Ph.D. (All But Dissertation) in Leadership, Policy, and Organizations, Vanderbilt University